Cat and Dog
Devotion should always be rewarded

Our Pet Friendly lodging policy means they never have to be left behind.

Pet friendly lodging in Rosehaven Cottages goes far beyond just accepting your pet.  Cottages have street entrances with just a few steps so even older guys and gals have no trouble.  Hayward and Barkley Cottages have private enclosed gardens to give them freedom and  the more active can frolick in the surrourding green space or enjoy a brisk walk in the neighborhood. Please tell us about pets in advance as a few restrictions apply.  Be sure to read the following and make certain all are acceptable to you:
  • $25.00 Pet Fee is charged per cottage per stay.
  • Pet parents are expected to do their own clean up.
  • If dogs are noisy in sadness over your absence, you are contacted and expected to return to calm their fears.
  • Pet parents are responsible for any damage to furniture, furnishings and garden plantings.
Frisky dog with ball Cat Lovers cat on chair Lazy Times dog sleeping
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